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Jun 26, 2017

GOTHCAST RETURNS! After an almost seven month hiatus, GothCast has come back to you. This is the first episode without Robbie Gore and the first with his replacement James Quinn. Alien is one of the biggest film franchises of all time and this time we’re taking a look at Alien, Aliens, and Alien³. We really hope you enjoy this episode and next time we’ll be back with a long requested look at a band from the 90’s.


Jun 22, 2017

1 - Twist - The Veil
2 - Further - Soviet Soviet
3 - The Cross - Pawns
4 - No Other - The Ink Bats
5 - Flash - Mardou
6 - Crosses - Supernova 1006
7 - The Dead Souls - September
8 - All the People - Cult Club
9 - Run Away, Simon - Tearful Moon (feat This Cold Night)
10 - Railcar to Tasmania - Trance to the Sun
11 - Play with Lies - Cult Club
12 - Juniper - Of Mermaids
13 - Summer's Oath - Communions
14 - Βραδιάζει - Cold i
15 - Czarna - Past
16 - Portland - The Electric West
17 - To You My Bliss - M!R!M
18 - Darker Still - Roadside Memorial
19 - Transition - A Projection
20 - Dealing With Demons - The Black Veils

Jun 21, 2017

Hello Creepy Community,

The podcast is still on vacation, but we have some more bloopers to share with you in the meantime! Recording a podcast isn't easy, and mistakes are made often, but are also often hilarious. Enjoy these bloopers, we hope they make you laugh as hard as we did.

Stay tuned!



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Jun 18, 2017

Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves for WQAD News8 and MyTV8-3's MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM bring you THE MIDNITE LOUNGE ! The vidcast where they talk about all kinds of things including the trials and tribulation of being one of broadcast televisions few remaining horror host shows.

Jun 18, 2017

Horror Addicts Episode# 141
SEASON 12 - The Next Great Horror Writer Contest


Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Judge: H.E. Roulo

Guest Judge: Julianne Snow and Nina D’Arcangela

Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe


The top 6 / Horror Romance Poems

Find all articles and interviews at:


136 Days till Halloween

Creepy Zombie Babies, Scary Children, Facebook Group, BayCon Recap, Imagination Fair, Clockwork Wonderland Party, Harp Experience, Friar’s Drive?, Readings, SEARCH Magazine, Women in Horror, Crochet Shrunken Heads, Knitting. #NGHW poetry hell,

Intro of judges, prizes, and contest.

Portions of the top 6 poems


Contestants: Feind Gottes, Naching T. Kassa, Jess Landry, AE Kirk, Timothy G. Huguenin, Sumiko Saulson, Cat Voleur, Jonathan Fortin, Adele Marie Park, JC Martinez, Harry Husbands, Riley J. Pierce, Daphne Strasert.


HA.Net News:  Claurice Nightingale

*Stacy Rich - artist J.E. Richards

*Kenzie Kordic brings us...Ghastly Games: Zombie Fluxx
*Crystal Connor- Much Better to be Alive & Guillotine
*Jesse Orr's new installment of The Scarlett Dahlia

*Kbatz reviews The Munsters -Season Two
*David's Haunted Library features The End is All We See. MF Wall, AJ Brown

*Adelise M. Cullens - Deep Shock

*David interviews Clockwork Wonderland Author Interview: Jaap Bokenstien, Trinity Adler, Laurel Anne Hill, Dustin Coffman, N. McGuire, Emerian Rich, K.L. Wallis, Stephanie Ellise

*#NGHW News by Adelise M. Cullens

*By the Fire by David Waston
*GB: Lisa Lane, Stephanie Ellis

*PR: Valentine Wolfe, Crystal Lake Twice Upon the Apocalypse

Find all this and more at


#NGHW Greatest Horror Love Story


Dead Mail

Jeff E - Autism

Tim- Duane Jones

Jessica - Locked Illusions

Gerald - #NGHW Hardest thing they ever had to write?


Judges deliberate.

Next challenge announced.

Winner announced.


“Broken Pieces” by Valentine Wolfe blog Kindle syndicated Facebook group.


Write in re: ideas, questions, opinions, horror cartoons, favorite movies, etc...


h o s t e s s

Emerian Rich

s t a f f

David Watson, Stacy Rich, Dan Shaurette, KBatz (Kristin Battestella), Mimielle, D.J. Pitsiladis, Jesse Orr, Crystal Connor, Lisa Vasquez, Adelise M. Cullens, Kenzie Kordic.

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Jun 5, 2017

Hello MCP Community,

The podcast is still on vacation, but we have a great horror story to share with you in the meantime. We are proud to present The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe.

Stay tuned for more special summer episodes!


Twitter: @Morbidpodcast
Instagram: @morbidcuriositypodcast

Jun 2, 2017

Welcome to episode 42 of Cemetery Confessions! This month we are going to be chatting about whether or not the so called “subcategories” of goth are valid or useful, we are also talking about the future of horror as part of our crossover with the podcast, and finally we will be discussing the future of goth and what xenogoth has to offer.

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This month's guest is Sir William Welles of New Goth City, and now xenogoth!



New Goth City 2:00
We learn a bit about our guest, and his project New Goth City which aims to be a travel guide for goths in or coming to the US.

News: 12:50
Where do we draw the line when trying to label, taxonimize, and identify parts of the culture? Are trad goth or romantigoth simply a fashion choice, or could there be enough substance for those labels to warrant full blown subculture/identity status? How far is too far?
Subcategories of goth: Are They Useful?

Due to time restrictions our discussion focused on the first half of the article, to hear our thoughts on the remaining portion of article, sign up at our patreon page!

Horror Addicts Crossover: 1:11:15
We read and discuss an article about VR, in conjunction with the Next Great Horror Writer Contest over at

The Future of Goth: 1:31:27
This month it's all about Goth: The Final Frontier. Where have we been and where are we going? We're going to evaluate the dialectical relationship goth has with history, the state of the scene and barriers to entry, generational divides, stagnation, and most saliently, XENOGOTH and what the hell that even is.

Sinister Suggestion: 2:16:35
Gothic: Dark Galmour

Jun 2, 2017

1. The Damned - The History of the World
2. La Orden - ciudad de lagrimas
3. Stiff Kittens - Collision
4. Abecedarians - Switch
5. Mephisto Walz - No Way Out
6. Then Comes Silence - Strangers
7. Direct Attack - Dismayed, Decayed & Delayed
8. The Fair Sex - No Excuse
9. Ritual Howls - I'd Rather Not
10. Club de Rome - Murder
11. Message - The Crazy Garden
12. OLMS - Share the Same Madness
13. Blue Hollow - Inhale