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Apr 19, 2019

Formed in August 1991 by Simon Treen, Neil Ash & Pete Finnmore and shortly joined after by Simon Manning [Felo-de-se] and taking their name from a song by the band The March Violets, Children on Stun appeared to enjoy a relatively large amount of success in a short period of time.

The band’s first gig took place at “The Crypt” in Hastings. In the same year, the band also recorded their first demo,”Elegance”. Treen left within a year of the band forming. The Stun also made an appearance in Mick Mercer’s second gothic Rock book on the gothic rock genre, boosting the band’s popularity further

In 1992, the band supported Nosferatu & Rosetta Stone on their UK tour. Later on that year, they released their second demo, “Choices”.

The band went on to release two more demos in 1993, entitled “Monochrome I” and “Monochrome II”. They used the profits from the demos to release their first single, “Hollow” on their own Inquisition label.. The band secured a record contract with Cleopatra Records in 1994 and released the album Tourniquets of Love’s Desire. Originally the band had started recording the album in Liverpool with Rosetta Stone but unhappy with the results the band aborted the sessions. With no money and unemployed, the band borrowed money and went into the studio and recorded the album in a weekend. This was produced by Ex-Rosetta Stone’s Porl Young.

Towards the end of the year, the band was approached by Swedish label M&A Musicart and asked to produce an EP. This resulted in the Overland EP being released. Again the recording took place over a weekend and was produced by Simon Manning. Overland was the last release by the band to feature guitarist Finnmore.

Never happy with their American label and tied to a bad deal, Cleopatra released ‘Celibacy and Anadin’. This contract forfilling EP included remixes by Rosetta Stone [which were the original aborted versions of the Tourniquets sessions] plus two songs written by Manning and Ash, ‘Celibacy and Anadin’ and ‘Mr Porcupine’. After the release of this EP, the band happily ended their contract with Cleopatra.

Kyle Whipp (formerly of ‘Soul Inside’) joined the band in 1995 as their new bass player with Manning permanently moving to guitar. The band’s first gig featuring Whipp took place at London’s Camden Underworld. The ‘Celebration Drug’ EP was released later on in the year and including the popular track “Whiskey a-go-go”. In August of the same year, the band went on the first of two tours of Scandinavia.

1996 saw the band begin to record their new album, Mondo Weird in Shoreham with production again handled by Porl Young. Recording and mixed within a week. Mondo Weird was released in 1997. M&A Musicart released the single “Pin ups, Soap Operas and Natural Disasters” later that year although the band hated the result. Despondent about the future and with health, financial and legal problems, the group decided to end things while still on friendly terms.

A remix LP ‘Outrageous, Outlawed, Outspoken’ was released by M&A in 1998: during the same year, the band announced that they would be splitting up. They played their final gig at the Camden Underworld on 24 May 1998 Resurrection Records also released a CD of this gig entitled Seven Year Itch [which sadly they never paid the band for…]

In 2005 M&A Musicart released a compilation called Rough Trade on a Cheap Promotion, featuring the band’s b-sides, alternate song versions and demos.

During the 17 year split Simon Manning made ‘Spares’ a solo project with various musicians and friends [including Whipp & Ash’ later becoming the main songwriter behind ‘Grooving in Green’

Kyle Whipp & Neil Ash formed ‘The Stripper Project’ and recorded a demo album ‘Brilliant Life’.

On 15 May 2015 Children on Stun reformed for a sell-out reunion gig at the o2 Academy2 in Islington, London and within a few weeks had announced they were reforming.

On July 4, 2015, Tragedy struck with Simon Manning sadly passing away in his sleep from heart failure.

On the 24th of October 2015 the Stun had a charity fundraising birthday party in memory of Simon. They were joined by Simon’s long term band-mate and friend Stuart Harper [Felo-De-Se] who stood in for Simon. Also paying tribute were Vendemmian, whom Simon had joined for a short time and The Last Cry a favourite band of Simon’s, all gave their services for free on an emotional night. The money raised was split between the British Heart Foundation and the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

‘Dancing with Mr Punch’ a strictly limited edition Stun Cd of 100 copies, compiled by John D’Anter, containing all four early studio demos on CD was made available to attendees of Simons Birthday memorial gig with the proceeds also going to charity.

2016 saw the band continue with Stuart Harper joining permanently on guitar.

On October the 22nd 2016 a second Charity event [The Birthday Bash 2] was organised in their hometown of Hastings in memory of Simon Manning. That same night a limited edition Cd, ‘This Sideshow Burlesque’ was released first to all attendees. Only 100 hand-numbered copies were pressed with all profits from the release going to two heart charities. The track-list contained rare live tracks from the bands early career.

Fulfilling an ambition of Simons, The Stun appeared in rousing form at the Whitby Goth Weekend on Nov 5th with the Mission and Skeletal Family debuting new material.This was the third time in the band have played the event, in 1995 and headlining in 1997. A touching tribute was made by the Missions Wayne Hussey, dedicating ‘Tower of Strength’ to Simon.

2017 saw the stun make a surprise announcement that they would split due to ‘musical differences’.

2018 After a break of a year they attempted to restart, announcing a small comeback date in London at the home of punk, the Bull & Gate, London. As well as recording two new songs ‘Echoes’ & ‘All the pain of love’ at Savage Sounds, Hastings.

With tensions again resurfacing during the recording sessions the band decided it was best to split permanently. Stuart Harper leaves and Whipp & Ash continue recording. ‘Another love, another beginning’ is demo’d at Savage Sounds, Hastings.

With pressing commitments the band ask long term friend and guitarist, Gordon Young [ex Dream Disciples] to join the group.

The stun are currently writing/recording new material for a winter release.

Don’t forget to check this weekend for gig details in the UK here.




Apr 15, 2019

Rain Children are a wide lens, cinematic expression of Gothic music, both contemporary and nostalgic. They combine classic songwriting with a tension and drama that is uniquely their own.

Rain Children, Stuart Harbut and Gina Stone met via social media during April 2017, when Stuart was searching for a singer and writing partner. Through a friend of a friend they were introduced and started working on songs straight away. This Silent Game was the first born and the duo have never looked back. Based in England between Bristol and Lincoln it is a long distance writing relationship that is working rather well.

Rain Children have released three singles and their debut album ‘Crooked House’ was released in November 2018 on Deepland Records.

Stuart Harbut is a multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and producer from Bristol, England. Stuart has performed on numerous occasions at major festivals in the UK and mainland Europe. He has composed and performed in many different bands and styles and continues to grow in skill and ability. Stuart’s music as part of a band and as a solo artist has appeared on Gothic radio stations around the world and his work has also appeared on international Gothic compilation albums.

Over the past 5 years Stuart has focused on writing and performing with his own take on the Gothic/Post Punk genre. From 2014 till 2016 Stuart was the driving force and main songwriter for Bristol’s Post Punk band Ghost Story until their split in August 2016.

Since 2017 Stuart has been collaborating with Gina Stone on Rain Children. A very personal project utilising all of his skills as a musician, producer and songwriter.

Gina Stone is an ethereal singer, songwriter and lyricist originally from London, now based in Lincoln. She has written and produced various musical projects including the 2010 darkwave album ‘Woven’ and 2012 follow up EP ‘Magnetic’. She became a regular act in the Nottingham Goth scene, performing at Dark Waters Festival and A Funeral Party amongst others. Her unique brand of darkwave electronic music has been featured on BBC Radio Introducing in the East Midlands as well as two live sessions for Lincolnshire and airplay on various national and international Gothic radio stations.

Gina collaborated with Mark Taylor (ex-UV Pop) and Raymond John Ross (ANKST) on remixes of her tracks Magnetic and Crushing Butterflies. Her early rock demo from 2008 featured Chris Childs (Thunder) on guitars and bass.

In the past three years Gina has written songs and performed as lead vocalist in the Lincoln based rock band, The House of Ghosts. She wrote the tracks and worked on production alongside Gaz Wilde (NGS) on their 2016 debut EP Curious Attraction, which was well received by BBC Introducing and other local radio stations.

Now Gina is focusing totally on Rain Children. This project being a very creative post punk/psychedelic pop vision which is very close to her heart.

You can find out more about Rain Children and their tour dates on their official website. Be sure to add them to your social media and I am super excited to see them in Nottingham next Sunday supporting The Glasshouse Museumand Children on Stun.






Apr 12, 2019

We had a low energy week, scrapped our initial recording to bring you some songs we're into this week.

We've got some good things up our sleeves in the near future.

Twin Temple

Multiple Man
(thank yous to The Wasteland for that recommendation!)

Suffering for Kisses

Mona Mur


Thank you to Auxiliary Magazine -

Apr 11, 2019

In this episode, arctic ghost ships of the Northwest Passage are discussed, both historic and legendary. The plight of the crews, whether rescued, frozen or mysteriously disappeared is also discussed. The ships covered in this episode include the Octavius, The USS Baychimo, The HMS Investigator, The HMS Resolute, the HMS Terror and the HM Erebus.


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Apr 9, 2019

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez

1. Praise of Folly- In My Eyes
2. The House of Usher- Not Your Friend
3. Golden Apes- Cedars of Salt
4. Batzz in the Belfry- Come and Die
5. Fields of the Nephilim- Moonchild
6. The Awakening- Shore
7. Red Sun Revival- Lost for Words
8. Ikon- Condemnation
9. The 69 Eyes- The Chair
10. Paralysed Age- Bloodsucker
11. The Merry Thoughts- Boy Sinister

Apr 4, 2019

After talking with the progenitor of dungeon synth, Batty was invited out to check out Mortiis when he came to town. Joining him on the bill was Toronto's Subterranea and Montreal's Graveren. It was presented by Inertia Entertainment and held at The Velvet Underground.

Episode music come from The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost by Mortiis.

Apr 3, 2019

Wait…what? A new episode of the GothCast Podcast!? That’s right! I’ve been itching to record an episode for a long time and my friend Bryan has taken on the brave task of being my cohost. The episode ending up being a strange one for a return because The Danse Society are tough to review. Anyway, let me know what you guys think and we’re definitely working on more.

Time Stamps:
3:10 Seduction
13:24 Recent Interesting Goth Stuff
25:35 Heaven Is Waiting
45:50 Looking Through
59:43 Change of Skin

Apr 2, 2019

Sometimes you listen to an album and you just want to be able to have a conversation with an artist like King Dude. Born Thomas Jefferson Cowgill, King Dude is an American singer/songwriter who walks his own path, nods to bands like Death in June, The Birthday Party and singers like Tom Waites and Leonard Cohen. Performing as King Dude since 2010, he is now touring his seventh album ‘Music To Make War To‘. It’s an album about how we are at war everyday – it’s all around us. It’s constant.

This interview is probably the most unstructured conversation that didn’t really need me to ask too many questions, rather let Thomas speak for himself – at least when we weren’t trying to finish each other’s sentences (sorry about that)! He believes in a higher power. He also believes there is good in everything – even the bad – even in people like Jeffrey Dahmer who just didn’t understand how the pain he inflicted onto others – could be turned into something good. In life, everything is known, even though at the time we have to endure war, pain, idiocy, suffering and loss. For someone who has dedicated their life to their art, Thomas has created a body of work that is compelling, enchanting and just great fucking music.

An unlikely departure from Death Metal to Neo-Folk, Americana and at times, Country, Thomas considers his music Luciferian. Many have likened his singing to Nick Cave and some have even said he basks in the sound of his own voice. If you could sing and project sincerity in the way that King Dude does, wouldn’t you? It was a very frank and funny hour. I want to thank him for being so honest, sharing his truth and at times his past, both good and bad – all that makes us whole.

Touring for the first time ever in Australia, then onto America, Sweden, Denmark and finally Germany at WGT this year in June, make sure you check out his shows and add these tunes to your collection. I am really looking forward to seeing this gig live here in Melbourne at The Evelyn, with supporting local sweethearts Dandelion Wine.

Reverent as it is prophetic and stark, King Dude has previously shared his spiritual visions with releases on Dais, Avant!, Bathetic, Clan Destine, and Ván records. Pulling together the biblical sound and isolation of the bygone days of revelation with an atmosphere filled with hope and salvation, King Dude has woven his own brand of American music.

He brandishes many varied influences in his songwriting. Everything from British Folk, Americana, Country and Blues can be heard in his songs. Even the heavier sounds of Heavy Metal tend to sneak and slither it’s way into the King Dude canon. The resulting songs are much more of a modern day hymn then your average pop song.

King Dude’s music beg’s the soul to lift itself up from the darkness of ignorance, towards the ever shining glorious “Light” that exists outside of all of us yet that which we are eternally connected to and at once connects everyone on Earth.








Apr 2, 2019

This month we are talking about dance! Why does it matter, how does it look for goths vs everyone else, where does it fit within the identity of goth culture, and does it empower bodily agency or do we still have issues within the community. We are also reviewing the new album from Tomb of Love, sinister suggestions and more!

Our guest this month is Hayley who’s music project Vellocinate you can find here!

If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting us on Patreon!

Introduction and Local Scene Chat

Creating Goth Worlds Through Dance: 12:43
The Importance of Dance to Goth Expression
-Bodily Autonomy

Album Review: 1:35:00
Tomb of Love - A Permanent Reminder of Our Failure

Sinister Suggestions: 1:51:00
It’s For Us
Neon Tzigane
Black Dresses
Amon Düül

Apr 1, 2019

1998's vampire hunting summer blockbuster, "Blade," actually has quite a bit more to say that simply, "vampires bad. Blade kill."

But yes, in this movie, vampires are unambiguously bad guys- but the why might surprise you.

Two online essays helped immeasurably when constructing this episode, and it is with gratitude that I share the links here.

"Daywalkin' Nightstalkin' Bloodsuckas: Black Vampires in Contemporary Film by Francis Gateward

Some Vampires Are Real: Stereotypes and Dominant Fears (Re)presented in the Black Vampire of American Popular Film" by Sarah Broderick

Apr 1, 2019

This week, we chat with Martin Bowes over coffee to discuss zine culture, making music, and Attrition.

Special Thanks to Auxiliary Magazine -

Karl Marx - Engram
Fate Is Smiling - Attrition

Mar 25, 2019

Rose Sinister: Vampires is back for season 2, and I'm so excited to feature local New Orleans author and bestselling indie author and Wattpad phenom Alys Arden's post-Katrina novel, "The Casquette Girls."

Borrowing heavily from folklore I, as a professional vampire tour guide am well acquainted with, Arden's novel weaves together real history, folklore, and a thoroughly modern approach to vampires among us.

On this episode, I mentioned a few books that curious listeners might wish to check out, so here are the links:

New Orleans Ghosts, Vampires and Voodoo by Kalila Smith:

New Orleans Vampires: History and Legend by Marita Woywod Crandle:

Please note, by clicking on these affiliate links I may receive a small commission, which helps to offset the cost of this podcast project.

For tickets to the Endless Night Vampire Ball and VampireCon, April 19th-21st, 2019, go here:

Use the code "SinisterVegas2019" for 10% off your ticket price

Also, my Etsy shop is live (but not bug free). Browse, shop, and please let me know if you see anything that doesn't look quite right.

One final note: I apologize for some of the background sounds in this episode. They've been doing construction outside and we got a puppy recently. It's been loud and I've done the best I can to minimize the background noises, but there are a handful of distractions throughout the episode. Someday I'll remaster it.

Mar 25, 2019

Asylums of the past hold our fascination due to their dark histories. In this episode, the asylums of the late 1800s and early 1900s in Victoria, Australia are discussed in detail.

TW: Institutionalization, Suicide, Abuse

Mar 16, 2019

Cover photo by Laura Whittaker

Our guest this month is Jenevive, a model and philosophy student, who discusses the work she’s done looking at Japanese culture, history and philosophy as exemplified by the Geisha and Painful Art, along with their relation to modern day goth and Gothic Literature. We talk pop culture, post-punk, Japanese history and philosophy, the relationship of America to Japanese art and a lot more!

Mar 14, 2019

Recently Batty had the pleasure of chatting with the progenitor of dungeon synth, Mortiis, about his upcoming ERA I tour, the start of dungeon synth, his feelings about founding a movement, his new music, and so much more.

Mortiis online
Home Page:

Get tickets to Mortiis: The Return in Toronto with Subterranea & Grave

Episode Music
Song 1. Blood and Thunder
Song 2. Demons Are Back

Special thanks to Justin Minister of Jay Draper and the Subterraneans for providing the Intro to Cat vs Bat

Mar 4, 2019

While Hallie is away, let's hear a classic short horror story by Ambrose Bierce!

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Mar 2, 2019

This week we will be discussing class boundaries in their relationship to scene participation, whether or not you need to spend money to be goth, what internal and external values reinforce class distinctions, how we gain respect in the subcultre, fashion, subversion and more! We’ll also be hearing about the scene in Tampa, reviewing the new album from Kaelan Mikla and a lot more.

Our guests this month are DJ Maus who you can find at Obscura Undead on Facebook and Instagram and DJ Azy also from Obscura Undead

If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting us on Patreon!

Tampa Goths and the Rebirth of a Scene 10:00
-Fight at the Bauhaus show

Goth Class 28:08
-Sweeny Deville’s Video
-The Problem with Goth Fast Fashion
-Goth is not Killstar
-David Muggleton’s Inside Subculture

Album Review 1:54:00
Kaelan Mikla - Nótt eftir nótt

Sinister Suggestions 2:14:35
-The Ire



Mar 1, 2019

This week Mistress McCutchan and Batty are joined by Toronto drag queen Allysin Chanyes to discuss being queer in the goth and industrial scene.

Divine - You Think You're A Man 
Au Pairs - It's Obvious 
Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers, and Queers

Feb 21, 2019

Teratomas are a unique type of tumor that are best known for containing human teeth and hair. Let's discuss the history of these tumors, and how those teeth and hair end up inside them.


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Feb 16, 2019

This week we chat with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Projekt Records about his perspective on the scene during the 90’s, the state of the music industry, his philosophy on the meaning of life and a lot more! Check out his Patreon page here!

Feb 14, 2019

Your Cat vs. Bat podcasters are their usual chatty selves and suggest a playlist for this February holiday of love, longing, and your feels. Enjoy!

Feb 7, 2019

In 1864, the British Parliament passed the Contagious Disease Acts, which attempted to regulate prostitution in hopes of protecting their troops from sexually transmitted infections, then known as venereal diseases. However, the public, the medical community, and the military all had different opinions on whether or not these acts were effective, and more importantly, whether or not they were ethical.

Feb 2, 2019

For today’s episode, we are going to give our post-mortem on the goth scene in 2018. We’ll also be discussing where we stand on the proposition of defining goth including the major contentions and schools of thought around that issue. We’ll review the new album from Ghostland  offer our sinister suggestions and more!

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Our 2018 in Goth Wrap-up

News: 16:56
The Neverending Goth Debate

Can you be goth without music? 22:01

Explaining the Definition of goth: 38:09
1. An appreciation of goth music
2. Aesthetic deviance that aligns with the sartorial idioms of goth.
3. Embracing darkness (manifest as an appreciation of the macabre, Gothic literature, finding beauty in the uncanny and abnormal, etc)
4. An active pursuit of incorporating these ideologies, material objects, and rituals into substantive, communal interaction. (lifestyle curation)

Is goth singular or multi-factoral? 52:47

How does The Gothic fit in? 57:50

Elitism in the Eternal Debate 1:11:22

My Video Series on Defining Subculture and Goth

Album Review: 1:15:03
Ghostland - Dances on Walls

Sinister Suggestions: 1:30:19
-Man in the High Castle
-The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
-The Witchwave Podcast
-Them Are Us Too
-The Silent Companions

Jan 31, 2019

We talk about the range of our subculture's fashion with special guest Kate Mior of Bone and Busk Couture.

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